Meet the Team

After our Journey from the Jehovah's Witness faith it not only freed our minds from a controlling organization, but gave us a different way of looking at life in general.  No matter what your affiliation, we feel qualified to use our personal life experiences to help others no matter what denomination, personal relationship or secular issues. We are dedicating our lives to assisting those in need and have spoken to hundreds of individuals and have been instrumental in coaching them to use critical thinking when making pertinent decisions in their lives. We have also discovered that leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses makes a big difference in one's mental health.​

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Cathy Thomas

Cathy was raised in the Jehovah Witness Religion from age five years old. Her mother was introduced to the religion as a small child and never forgot their teachings. When tragedy struck her family, Cathy's mother turned to the only people she knew that in her mind had all of the answers to life's problems.​

Cathy believes that humans are the guardian angels to those here on earth and it is our responsibility to use our given talents to assist them if it is in our power to do so. She has dedicated her life to the cause of helping others. She has the attitude that life is not about complaining and fussing about the hand we were dealt in life, and feels we should take those experiences to educate others. Therefore, her upcoming talk show  Hidden Struggles, is geared towards helping individuals to get an education without going through the experience. She is also working as a life coach specializing in personal, business and entrepreneurial pursuits. 

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JT was five years old when his mother became a dedicated, baptized member of the Jehovah's Witness faith. In fact, he remembers being dressed in a suit and tie at an early age and out recruiting individuals in his community. He was so well indoctrinated by the faith that despite being an above average student, he decided against furthering his education to attend Bethel, the world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses located in Brooklyn, NY and  resided there for six years. He progressed from Ministerial Servant to Elder at age 27. He was quite instrumental in fulfilling agenda of the  Watchtower to the point of denying himself better job opportunities and advancements in life. Now he spends his spare time educating individuals about the dangers of this group.


Daniel Grissom

​In 1997, Daniel began studying the bible with the Jehovah's Witnesses. He wanted to grow closer to God and  wanted to learn, teach and apply God's word. Initially, he was very impressed with the Jehovah's Witnesses. They're kind, studious and family-oriented.

In 1999, Daniel became an un-baptized publisher and started to participate in their field ministry.  He began to more rigorously research their doctrine like 1914, the 144,000 anointed, the blood issue, and Christ not the mediator for the great crowd, etc.

In 2000, much to his dismay, it became clear that the Watchtower was not God's sole communication channel on earth. In fact, he began to realize the overwhelming evidence, from their documents, to draw this conclusion.

Daniel, came to appreciate that most Jehovah's Witnesses are kind people with good intentions. Yet, his research further revealed that their sincerity should not be mistaken for accuracy. In short, the doctrine Jehovah's Witnesses teach is about 80% accurate. The other 20% is inaccurate and simply man-made.

Daniel currently resides in Atlanta, GA and attends a non-denominal church with his family.


Our Approach

According to JW.ORG, Jehovah's Witnesses spend over one billion hours in more than 200 countries knocking on doors and asking the basic question, "are you open minded enough to examine, question and challenge the teachings of your faith"? Thus commending individuals willing to do so.

We use the same approach when helping Jehovah's Witnesses by asking them "are you open minded enough to examine, challenge and question the teachings of the Watchtower"?