Lady Cee

Cathy Thomas "Lady Cee"

Cathy Thomas, aka “Lady Cee,” was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses (third-generation) since she was five years old. She spent the early years of her life traveling with her family due to her father's military career. Each time the family moved to a new location, her mother wasted no time contacting the Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was paramount to continue associating with the local congregation to remain active with the group.

Being fed a daily diet of Watchtower dogma was the driving force behind Cathy’s decision to dedicate and baptize her life to this school of faith when she turned 18. She later joined the ranks of pioneer ministers, attended pioneer service school, and even relocated to Washington, D.C., to serve with her pioneer partners.
As an online activist, Cathy splits her time between a multitude of tasks. She is the co-creator of the YouTube channel EXJW Critical Thinker  and has her channel Hidden Struggles  where she seeks to help others learn more about how she landed on her feet after leaving the Jehovah's Witness faith.

Cathy often refers to herself as an accidental life coach because she's had the opportunity to interact and assist individuals with a variety of issues in their lives. This includes helping them to think through processes in making career choices, furthering their education, finding new friends, and how to make the best effort to communicate within their relationships.