Fear of Doubt


Helping You Free Yourself from Doubt

What would make a Jehovah's Witness doubt their own religion?

  • Shunning a family member
  • Not being able to accept certain medical treatment (later discovering that the teachings have changed) after a family member has died.
  • Constant changing of Watchtower teachings (in the guise of new light)
  • How they handle child molestation
  • Discouraging members from going to college and receiving an education allowing them higher earning potential
  • Encouraging their members to quit jobs to pursue fulltime activities in the religion resulting in them foregoing starting families
  • Continually saying the end is near and people are living a life time listening to them encourage them not to save for their future all to be financially destitute
  • Membership in the United Nations.

The Fear of Doubt…Doubt is a real struggle within the Jehovah’s Witness culture. Early on during the indoctrination process, the members are taught to accept ALL teachings as truth as outlined by eight men in New York known as the Governing Body. To doubt their directives causes much fear so Jehovah’s Witnesses rarely resolve discrepancies in their own minds. Whenever something triggers doubt or whenever their belief system is threatened, the Jehovah’s Witness gets scared. The threat is real. It is based on a doctrine rather than a relationship with God. Doubt causes extreme anxiety; all effort is made, to avoid putting the self, into situations where doubt may arise. The Watchtower is the “go-to” source of all information in all matters. It has the final say.

The Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society publishes a lot of material to combat their members developing doubt. It ranges from Satanic influences to individuals losing appreciation for spiritual things. However, the spiritual things they're referencing is in association with their worship at the Kingdom Hall. The Watchtower, after pairing themselves up with God, making statements concluding that breaking off ties from them is tantamount to leaving God.

Are we referring to doubting that God exists or whether or not the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society speaks or represents God?

Based on their reliance of allowing JW.ORG to lead them spiritually-speaking, Jehovah's Witnesses have been presented with a lot of challenges that have affected their lives to the detriment of their well-being, health, family life, standing in their community, at work, and school, resulting in a number of missed opportunities, failed marriages and even death.