Fears and phobias associated with the culture and lifestyle of Jehovah's Witnesses

From a very young age, we were taught to have respect for those in authority in the Watchtower organization. Instead of coming to appreciate their position, we came to fear the power they bestowed upon us because there was a price to pay if we did not go along with everything they taught. Therefore, we submitted to defeat quite easily when presented with the Watchtower teachings.

We believed and did as we were told although in the back of our mind, we knew certain things didn't seem right. Of course, we were given Biblical and modern day experiences of what happened to those individuals that murmured and complained. 

Our faith taught us that Jehovah God would right all wrongs during his day of reckoning. Therefore, we kept our mouths shut and blindly followed their rules. As the years passed and the teachings changed, we began to talk amongst ourselves and discuss things that we did not agree with. We began relaxing how we felt about certain teachings and started silently questioning the organization in our private conversations.

We were especially perplexed with the changes in the 1914 teaching because from the time we could remember, we didn't have to ever think about growing old. Now, with this new change in teaching we felt we had been left out to dry.

In this area of the website, we present a variety of fears experienced by Jehovah's Witnesses. So, check back often as we will begin adding video content associated with these topics to give you a more in-depth understanding of how these fears come into existence within this religious belief system.