Thomas grew up as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses – walking the walk, talking the talk, and making all of his decisions based on the Watchtower script. He comes from a prominent Jehovah’s Witness family spanning three generations. Prior to his birth, his mom began charting her own course of independence choosing to enroll in college and marrying an unbeliever. Of course, this led to her being disfellowshipped from the organization and causing a lot of turmoil in her family. Eventually she reconciled and rejoined the group. So, when Thomas and his sister came along, they grew up in what is known in the Jehovah’s Witness religion as a “divided household”. They were looked at by the brothers and the sisters in their congregation as “fatherless” children because their dad was an unbeliever.

As with most Jehovah’s Witness children, Thomas was one of those eager to fit in with his peers. He was having reservations about whether he wanted to continue in the path of the religion. Eventually, he began reaching out and making more friends within the organization and those thoughts soon faded. However, when he got older, he ventured into thinking about increasing his professional development skills and started reading books and attending seminars. During his discoveries and experiences, he was beginning to learn about his wants and desires as a person and what makes him happy. He also began hearing messages stating that sometimes to progress in life you have to cut out negative influences. Constantly hearing the word “no” every time he wanted to venture out and explore other opportunities.

Thomas knew that he could not put the religion on a shelf and go after his dreams because the religion is a package deal. If her were to begin finding himself in this world, he knew it was something that would separate him from family. It didn’t take him long to begin on the path to critical thinking and his decision to Google more information about Jehovah’s Witnesses helped him to discover the real truth about their so-called truth.

The 2016 Regional Convention was the pivotal turning point in his life. He was playing the script in his head weeks prior to attending where he was actually visualizing the script. Thomas states that he already knew there will be videos relating experiences on how other Jehovah’s Witness children are sacrificing their lives to further the work of the Kingdom. But he was getting tired of that same ole rhetoric. Sure enough, just as expected, he was met with experiences and video presentations showing how other youths his age was being convinced to stop living or dreaming about a life they could enjoy. It was at this convention where the young teen was encouraged not to pursue his passion in playing the violin. That was the last straw and was the last convention that Thomas attended.

Along the way, Thomas began thinking about his own ideas and how to find success in life. He and two friends, also former Jehovah’s Witnesses, started a dog treat business. The business specializes in all-natural healthy dog treats. They have a very nice selection of organic treats for four-legged family members. If you are interested in learning more about what they have to offer, check out the link below for their commercial and website access!

Former Jehovah's Witnesses Critical Thinkers

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