Our Mission

Our mission is to assist individuals to apply "critical thinking" when examining the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses found in the watchtower which also serves to improve mental health.

About Us

As former Jehovah's Witnesses, we were willing to ask critical thinking questions thus discovering major flaws within the Watchtower teachings. After facing difficult decisions, we left our past to chart a new course in life.

Our Message

When you are told that your life depends on the answers you are given, never allow anyone to discourage you from asking critical thinking questions. Be willing to do research regardless of how others make you feel.

A Message from Critical Thinkers!

Don't give up! We found the truth about "the truth" aka (Jehovah's Witness doctrines) and so can you! After spending more than 30 years in the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society, we finally realized that we have other alternatives than belonging to the Jehovah's Witness faith. For many years, we literally believed that this was the one true religion sanctioned by God. However, we finally saw that we were traveling down a dead end road. 

Our Cause: We are dedicated to assisting those who have been influenced by this group by helping them to apply “critical thinking” to make better decisions. We strongly believe that if you don't know where you've been, you won't know where you're going. It is important to get a confirmation that the Jehovah's Witnesses are not a special group of people chosen by God.

During our wake up, we learned that bad beliefs die hard and there are no doubt many other individuals  trapped and held down mentally by teachings similar to Jehovah's Witnesses. It is our resolve to give a lending hand to others by sharing our personal experiences on how we successfully put our lives back on track after leaving the Jehovah's Witness faith. We are encouraging individuals to do critical thinking no matter what faith you belong to because its expected that most people never question what they are told especially if the person speaking says their teachings are from the Bible.

We have met and offered support to dozens of individuals that have encountered every type of circumstance you can imagine as a result of leaving the organization, including being cut off from family and friends, divorce, depression, and becoming suicidal. We hope our online presence will provide solace to those seeking it and a haven for those seeking support. And we want you to know that yes, there is life after Watchtower!


Silence is Power

When most people discover that the Jehovah's Witness faith is not the truth, they are devastated. In an effort to share this new awareness with others, they often tell everyone they know about the evidence they have uncovered about the organization. Yet, the moment the individual begins to talk against the Society, the family and friends they have known for years within the Society begin to shun them. In fact, even when individuals try to quietly distance themselves, the elders and other members in the congregation quickly take notice and want to know if they still believe this is the truth. The less you say, the better off you are because in this instance, Silence is Power!