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Meet the Team

After leaving the Jehovah's Witness faith, it not only liberated our minds from a controlling organization but gave us a strategic way of looking at life. We have helped others connect the dots about belief systems from our prior background, knowledge, and expertise.

We are committed to dedicating our lives to those in need. We have spoken to hundreds of people, and our message on YouTube has reached 4.5 million views. Thus, we have touched many lives with our message. We have been instrumental in coaching others to use critical thinking while making crucial decisions in their lives. We have realized that freedom from Jehovah's Witnesses can help us understand life's essence from an unprejudiced view.

We welcome feedback and invite others to share their experience to join their voice in our journey to educate others.

Revelations of Truth

When learning the facts about the Jehovah's Witness faith, most individuals are devastated. Once they overcome their fear to research the religion, their discoveries are shocking. The revelations about their past beliefs are painful, much like going through the process of grief, especially for those individuals facing losing their families if they chose to cut ties with the group.

Seeking outside religious knowledge is forbidden due to outlandish leadership claims that such information is demonic or from apostates. However, after acquiring the real truth, it's impossible to look the other way. It's like a hook-line-and-sinker, and you can't put the genie back in the bottle once you take it out.

Before the Internet, it was challenging to find resources. Most people didn't even think about looking for information and would not know the first place to begin searching anyway. Most didn't realize they should be exploring different information in the first place.

The 21st Century Jehovah's Witnesses are a growing group of people that are hungry and thirsting for knowledge. They are not afraid to go online and watch YouTube videos or set up channels to relate their own experiences with the group. These individuals are embracing the real truth about their past beliefs and are forging ahead in life.

Former Jehovah's Witnesses Critical Thinkers
Former Jehovah's Witnesses Critical Thinkers

A Message From Critical Thinkers!

As former Former Jehovah's Witnesses, we appreciate knowing that our willingness to accept the facts regardless of the answers allowed us to have peace of mind.

Although most believe that the truth hurts, it also sets you free from a world of headaches later. If you right the wrongs early on, you can rest easy knowing that you made the right choice.

Have no fear; allow yourself to do the research forbidden or unavailable to you before joining the Jehovah's Witness faith. At first, it isn't easy; but things get better with time.

Our Cause

During our revelation, we learned those wrong beliefs die hard, and there is no doubt many other individuals trapped and held down mentally by teachings similar to Jehovah's Witnesses. It is our resolve to lend a hand to others by sharing our personal experiences on how we successfully put our lives back-on-track after leaving Jehovah's Witnesses. We encourage individuals to think critically no matter what religion you belong to because it’s expected that most people never question what they are told, especially if the person speaking says their teachings are from the Bible.

We have met and offered support to dozens of individuals that have encountered every type of circumstance you can imagine as a result of leaving the organization, including being cut off from family and friends, divorce, depression, and becoming suicidal. We hope our online presence will provide solace to those seeking it and offer a mental refuge for those seeking support. We also want you to know that, yes, there is life after Watchtower!

Silence is Power

Once individuals discover that the Jehovah's Witness faith's foundation is flawed, they immediately want to tell everyone. All loyal believers liken these ones to the boy, hollering, "the sky is falling." It does not make sense. The information is foreign to them. They reject the knowledge and begin shunning anyone that does not accept the Watchtower's rhetoric.  

It is a top mandate that Jehovah's Witnesses quickly withdraw from anyone speaking negatively about the organization. Silence is power because the least they know how you feel about the group, the better off you will be. Mothers and fathers shun sons and daughters, and children are shunning their parents all at the church leaders' bequest. It is loyalty to the group first, regardless of family ties.

Never forget that you were once part of this religion; nothing has changed. All rules remain the same, and no one gets away unscathed when deciding to leave the faith. The desire to tell your loved ones the real truth often falls on deaf ears. They have no qualms about enforcing Watchtower's shunning policy to your own detriment. 

Although the leadership is changing the rules, and individuals can no longer secretly fade from the group, there is still no need to talk about your beliefs with anyone. Just like the JW has a code of conduct to exclude folks from their source of information, you have the right to withhold your opinions from them.

Nonetheless, we believe that the less you say, the better off you are because, in this instance, Silence is Power!

Former Jehovah's Witnesses Critical Thinkers